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Sep 8, 2019

In episode 62 of SO DREAMY, Rachel & Hannah read a follow-up email about Alison’s “Railcar Hotel” dream from episode 61 and then listen to Erin’s dream “Something’s Fishy”.  The rest of the episode becomes a dream-themed book club of sorts, including discussion on Fran Heath’s “Unconscious Adventures”, Neil Gaiman’s “The Sandman”, and Jennifer Dumpert’s “Liminal Dreaming” (more details and links below). Things to try on your own and then tell us about: try the dream noun associations exercise which Hannah explained; Try a couple weeks of dream journaling and see what it does for your recall! Special shoutouts in this episode go to @mouseandweens and @OneiroFer. 

Send your dreams & sleepwalking/talking stories to or call 312-600-5538 (3-minute voicemail limit). Also connect with us on Twitter/Instagram @SoDreamySnack, and in the “So Dreamy” Facebook group.