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Jul 14, 2019

In episode 58 of SO DREAMY, Rachel & Hannah have the immense pleasure of talking to Fran Heath, a writer and artist from the Isle of Wight in the UK. They gush over her newest book (Unconscious Adventures: A Year of Daily Dream Drawings) and talk about the possible meanings of dreams, recurring dreams, methods for increasing dream recall, and more. Fran can be found on Twitter and Instagram @FranHeathWriter and on Facebook. Fran’s website, where all her books and artwork can be found, is

Some of Fran’s works which we discussed:

  • Unconscious Adventures: A Year of Daily Dream Drawings
  • Dire-Ramas (also available on Etsy here!)
  • Pencil Lead
    • Fran’s debut novel, Pencil Lead, is a contemporary, coming-of-age story about expectations that don’t match real life.
  • How We Choose to Play
    • How We Choose to Play is a rhyming picture book about a brother and sister who seem to have nothing in common until their drawings magically show them otherwise. The story encourages readers of all ages to see beyond the gender stereotyping of toys and choose how to play for themselves.
  • Five Things I Can See (second novel, coming soon!)

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