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Jun 30, 2019

In episode 57 of SO DREAMY, Rachel & Hannah cover a few great dream submissions: Matt’s recurring bus ride dream, Cara’s old-timey Nazi spy dream, and Erin’s uncomfortable exposed toilet dream. They also touch on past breakups and mistakes, finding meaning in one’s dreams, and consider yet another probably horrible business idea inspired by a dream: office toilet chairs.

They also share info about our next two episodes: In Ep 58 Fran Heath (@FranHeathWriter) will join us as a guest to talk about dreams and her recent book; and in Ep 59 we’ll do round 3 of “Dream Tweet Stories” (please contribute your own dream tweet story before Saturday July 13, 2019, 9AM Central! Directions/details included at the end of this episode).

Links we looked at during this episode:

Send your dreams & sleepwalking/talking stories to or call 312-600-5538 (3-minute voicemail limit). Also connect with us on Twitter/Instagram @SoDreamySnack, and in the “So Dreamy” Facebook group.