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Dec 30, 2018

In episode 44 of SO DREAMY, Rachel & Hannah discuss Erin’s dream of being on the run, Cara’s flying dream, and Karen’s hamburger hotel dream. They also discuss working up the courage to talk about their podcasts to friends/coworkers, solve the mystery of who REALLY played Uncle Joey on Full House (our apologies to Dave Coulier), give shoutouts to listeners Ashley and Joelly, discuss the value of practice and perseverance, ponder the mystery of recurring dreams, read two kind messages from Alan at @8mmNetwork, and more! 

*Forgive us for the coughing in the background this time - Hannah's husband got the flu!* 

Send your dreams & sleepwalking/talking stories to or call 312-600-5538 (3-minute voicemail limit). Also connect with us on Twitter/Instagram @SoDreamySnack, and/or in the “So Dreamy” Facebook group.