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Dec 16, 2017

In episode 1 of SO DREAMY, Rachel and Hannah introduce themselves and the show, then move on to discuss a few dreams and stories of sleepwalking and talking.  In this episode, you'll hear: the "Allmother" dream, the "Aquatic Coworker" dream, the story of Sleep-Hannah hearing music when none is there, and a few more.

Send us your dreams, either recorded audio or written out, to  Also connect with us through our “So Dreamy” Facebook group (request access and we will add you!) and through Twitter: @SoDreamySnack.

Ep. 1 FYI: There are three references to the podcast "Way Too Broad" (WTB) which you may be confused by if you're not a listener of that show yet!

  1. "The Erin Clip" is a clip from episode 3 of WTB.
  2. Hannah mentions "team ghost" at about 49:30, which is a reference to the Halloween Special episode (Ep. 9) of WTB.
  3. The term "earsnack" is a new term for "podcast" which originated on WTB, and it's why the word "snack" is in our email address and Twitter!