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Mar 8, 2019

Rachel and Hannah guested on the Grief Dreams Podcast with Dr. Joshua Black and Shawn Ram! Here is their interview. Check out other episodes of Grief Dreams Podcast at And stay tuned for an interview on So Dreamy with Dr. Joshua Black, coming soon in episode 49! 

Send your dreams & sleepwalking/talking stories to or call 312-600-5538 (3-minute voicemail limit). Also connect with us on Twitter/Instagram @SoDreamySnack, and in the “So Dreamy” Facebook group.

Grief Dreams Podcast Episode 107 Description:

Rachel Leoman and her cousin Hannah Brown created the podcast So Dreamy (Twitter/Insta: @SoDreamySnack) with the intent of creating a safe and fun space for dreamers to share, hear, and discuss dreams of all kinds. They both have been interested in dreams for as long as they can remember.  

In this episode we talk about dreams in general, the So Dreamy Podcast, their losses (Rachel’s mom and Hannah’s brother, grandmother, and uncle), and Hannah’s dreams of her deceased grandmother.  

Check out episode 14, 33, and 41 on the So Dreamy Podcast to hear them talk about specific grief dreams.